Want to turn your bath or shower into a mini-spa session? This is how you do it! These are high quality, well-curated, incredibly cleansing soaps. With a wide variety of carefully selected scents, you can relax and mentally escape anywhere.

I’m allergic to 5 of the top 8 allergens, plus others. I can’t even use hypoallergenic soaps at the store without reacting. FFM’s soaps are the first I’ve used in *decades* that I haven’t to at all. Erin and Cherri have been really patient and communicative with me about ingredient related questions, too. If you’re unsure, just ask! 🙂

Huge thank you to FFM for working with me to create an awesome spa gift set for my mom, too! It was so cute! She loves it, and their guests love the hand soap that she puts out for them.