Welcome to Flatlander Farm & Merc, where perfectly imperfect, heartland crafted items are our specialty.

We’re a multi-generational, family owned business just outside our hometown in Central Kansas. Almost a decade ago my mother decided we needed to add goats to our farm. What started as two goats and a hobby for us has turned into the first half of Flatlander Farm & Merc. That led to her researching the benefits of goats milk soap and well, here’s the second half of our business!

Our scents reflect our love for Kansas and our Scandinavian heritage. With a range of scents and colors, we’ve curated them to engage your senses and give you a true escape, whether that is to Kansas, Scandinavia, or elsewhere. Our Spa line is especially crafted to help you relax after a long day, with added ingredients for extra benefits.

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Benefits of Goats Milk Soap

Other than our having goats, you may wonder why did we decide to make goats milk soap?

Goats milk is actually one of the most widely used natural ingredients in soap. The natural fats in goats milk (particularly caprylic acid) help hydrate the skin while still removing debris without stripping our skin’s natural barrier.

The benefits some have seen are improving dry skin, being a gentle and safe cleanser (with the added benefit of being antibacterial!), supporting a healthy skin microbiome. We’re not saying everyone will react this way but most people do see some benefits.

Our goats milk soap is also completely nut free…we use no coconut oil, no nut oils or butters of any kind. We have carefully sourced our ingredients to bring you the very best. Safe enough to use on babies, sensitive skin or those with allergies!