Hey ya’ll! I thought we could introduce you to our ingredients & how we curated them. This has been a year long process to try & perfect our recipes & give our customers the highest quality! 

At the request of a customer earlier this year, who she & her family has many different & severe allergies; we started researching for a recipe that doesn’t have any nut oils in it. We finally found a company out of the UK that would fit this new & better direction that we wanted to go & then found suppliers here in the states so we could bring you these products quicker. 

This customer & her family were our “test subjects” after getting their stamp of approval that the soap did in fact work for them & they LOVED it, we knew we wanted to bring this to everyone!

All the soap on here is carefully curated, & while we call it “perfectly imperfect” soap, know that our whole focus is on making you guys, our customers, HAPPY. 

The bath teas were Mormor Flatlander’s idea & while they took us a while to get where we wanted them to be, we’re confident that they will give you a spa experience without having to leave your house. 

The soon-to-be debuted lip balms & lip scrubs are also nut free. While some varieties do have shea & cocoa butter in them, they are still considered allergy friendly. 

The scents we use are carefully chosen (& perhaps argued over a bit) to entice your senses. Each collection has its own special appeal & it is carefully selected. The descriptions of the scents do list the main notes, while leaving some of the more subtle notes for you to find. Just a note that some of our scents do have “nutty” elements to them, so be sure to read our descriptions. 

All of our colors are high grade, cosmetic safe.

Keep an eye on the blog & our social media where we’ll be better about posting behind-the-“scents” peeks into the farm & life here in “Scentral” KS on Flatlander Farm. 

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